About Us

 We are: 

  •  Yve Kosugi @farmersdotter: Organic farmer, artisan salt maker, baker of pie, real bread & jam. Bad friend. Garlic
  • Morris Holmes @farmersdotter2: Grower of all things good for the palate and plate. Certified Organic Garlic, Mixed Veggies, Herbs & Tree Fruit. Bread.
    Certified by PACS 16-464

    In addition to making the Original Garlic Scape Salt we also grow stuff out of the ground and on trees. None of it you can buy here but some of it ends up in our wood-fired oven breads, something else you can'y buy here. Guess you'll have to visit us on the farm. Whenever you're in the Similkameen Valley we will love to host you. Visit out Facebook page for more details